Tips For Writing Down Your Dreams

Dreams can offer us powerful insights into our internal subconscious world. While most people dream, a lot cannot remember the contents of their dreams hours after they become awake. Remembering dreams can be beneficial in many ways such as; an increased understanding of your emotions and feelings, better problem solving and decision making ability, a sub-conscious guide to your life and spiritual healing.

A great way to remember your dreams for the long term is to write them down as soon as you are able to. Here are some tips for writing down your dreams.

  • Keep a dream journal.  A dream journal can be memory-jogger and an incredible source of discernment into our internal world of dreams. Keeping a dream journal requires some self-discipline which comes with habit. The journal should be updated regularly, especially if you want to see recurrent patterns in your dreams or aspects in your dreams that need interpretation. Ideally dreams should be jotted down immediately upon waking up, therefore the best place to keep your journal is at your bedside table together with a pen at hand. You will most likely forget the details of your dreams if its kept somewhere not accessible immediately.
  • Write down all your dreams. Do not just write the complete, interesting or coherent dreams. Write everything that you can remember, no matter how fragmented it is, even if its just a house or a person you remember, write that down. If you wake up from your dream in the middle of the night and are not in the mood of writing a long dream story, jot down the key points of the plot. You run a great risk of forgetting everything in your dream if you wait until morning.
  • Give your dreams titles. Giving the dream a title forces you to sum it up into a theme, it will help you find the dream later on when you want to make cross references. A short and sweet title works best.
  • Write your dreams in present tense. Writing down dreams in present tense will make them feel real and alive when you want to interpret them. For example instead of writing, “I was running past….” use, “I am running past….” to make the dream more alive and animate.
  • Indicate the date on your dreams. It can be very interesting to look back in your journal and see the dates you had certain dreams. You might be surprised how often certain themes appear in your dreams just before they actually happen in physical life. This can be a meaningful way to review your spiritual journey.

Dreams are your subconscious mind’s way of interpreting personal situations. Keeping a dream diary can help you understand your personal responses. Recorded dreams will help you to know if you are neglecting yourself in certain aspects or interests. You will begin to understand why something makes you uncomfortable and the exercise will give you a clearer vision of the world around you. Dreams can also be an excellent source of creative material for artistic undertakings.

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